About Me

Hi everyone! I am Heather, the face behind the camera at Heather Ashley Photography.

Just as I like to get to know my clients, here is a little about me too:
– I grew up in South Florida, and lived in New York City and Atlanta before moving to Charlotte, where I met my incredible boyfriend. He is a constant source of encouragement and support to me and our three kiddos. Those four people are my entire world!!
– I live on coffee, Red Bull or pretty much any form of caffeine! It helps me be a spouse, mom, business owner, and whatever else is on the schedule for the day!
– I’m always down for Mexican food and margaritas. Always.
– I spent many years bartending, and it has given me the skills to relate to people on many different levels, and make anyone comfortable enough to open up and relax.
– I LOVE sports. My kids are usually in at least one sport every season (soccer, football, baseball, gymnastics, you name it, haha!) and we root for the Chicago Bears and Cubs in this house!
– I’d like to think my superpower is freezing time with my camera. Children grow so quickly, and life changes constantly, the photos you have are the best way to remember all the ages and stages of life!!

I absolutely LOVE photography. I have spent my entire life taking pictures, and found an even greater value in photos after having my first kiddo. Children grow so fast and the photos you have allow you to remember all those little moments that go by so quickly.

I am ALWAYS investing in myself through classes, workshops and other ways to enhance my photography skills. I consider the opportunity to capture your family’s precious moments a blessing to my life and business, and I PROMISE it will show.

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